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Dilbert Pearls Before Swine

Monday, March 14

yesterday while i was driving a company's car on jakarta merak toll road, i heard anggoro and phillips had a chat at the back

phillips: i like peter pan.. i wish to watch their concert late this month
anggoro: no need to go.. just wait on tv, their show will be on it
phillips: nooo... its different, anggoro
anggoro: no no... on tv, they'll sing the same songs.. wearing the same clothes
phillips: not the same as going to the concert thou
so i interrupted
me: i agree.. its very different, anggoro
anggoro: how come...
me: experiencing a music concert is more or less like fucking... whilst watching them singing on tv is like, well, watching a porno... hehe, don't you agree?
phillips laughed laudly while saying: not that i like the comparison, but it feels true thou
anggoro: i cant imagine
me: haha go get a girl, will ya
then lotsa giggling and laugh followed

off topic, i know.. but i cant resist to post


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