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Thursday, May 26

I Feel Sad

I feel sad to see in this new world of internet, how easy it is for people to spread misinformation without being held responsible. I know it's been going on for a while what with all those conspiracy theorist and "help raise money to cure our son's cancer by forward this email" emails.

At least if somebody forwards you such email, you have a chance to rebuke.

But what if it's an article on the web? Yesterday I stumbled into this site while doing some search in Google:

A critique of Einstein

At first I felt angry when I read it. But after it was over, I felt more sad than angry. Sad not because somebody's criticizing Einstein, but sad by how such blatant misinformation is easily spread in this age of internet.

Imagine people who does not know better reading this article. It would be nice if everybody thinks critically, but that's wishful thinking. Especially if you consider the type of people who visits sites with religious slant such as this one. I wager most will swallow his "argument" whole.

Primacy of observation over doctrine. How I wish ... how I wish.


Blogger kutubusuk said...

easier distribution of information is one aim or at least 'effect' of the existance of d internet.

and with all these voices shouted all over, its up to the listener to tune in to the right frequency :)

after google, i prefer wikipedia the my listening stations :)

just my 2cents

5/26/2005 11:39:00 PM  

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