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Tuesday, June 7

How To Combat Phishing

Here's an idea from Cringely:

The simple way to kill phishing is by making it harder for the phisher to make money from it. Right now, a phisher sends out a million e-mails and gets back 100 replies that yield positive data. There is almost no effort involved in sending out the e-mails after the first one, and the quality of the return data is very high. No wonder this is such a popular business!

Let's change that. If you get phishing e-mail, go the web sites and enter false data. Make up everything -- name, sign-on name, password, credit card numbers, everything. Instead of one million messages yielding 100 good replies, now the phisher will have one million messages yielding 100,000 replies of which 100 are good, but WHICH 100?


Are you in?


Blogger kutubusuk said...

it will provide the proof to them that their spam was actually being read.. that they have audiences for their marketing channel... nice proposal, but it wont work, imho..

6/07/2005 07:23:00 PM  

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