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Ikatan Cendikiawan Patah Hati

One for All... All for One!

Dilbert Pearls Before Swine

Tuesday, May 29

ANNO: Buat ICPH, MaXi Bareng di GM Sunda/Sarinah, 30 Mei 2001, 11:45AM, Sharp!.. Teng-teng!.. And bring along your latest updates, Ok?

Sunday, May 20

Egoisme itu datang lagi
Ia mengadu
Sepenuh hati
Menggoda jiwaku
Usapi tubuhku
Ia bisiki aku perlahan

Cinta ini terlalu indah untuk kau lupakan
Jika mencintainya berarti beku,
biarkanlah kau alami kelu
Jika mencintainya berarti mati,
biarkanlah kau alami ribuan kali
Jika mencintainya berarti derita,
biarkanlah kau alami selamanya

setelah baca webnya Ferona...

Friday, May 18

Accept, dear girl, this little token,
And if between the lines you seek,
You'll find the love I've often spoken—
The love my dying lips shall speak.

Our little ones are making merry
O'er am'rous ditties rhymed in jest,
But in these words (though awkward—very)
The genuine article's expressed.

You are as fair and sweet and tender,
Dear brown-eyed little sweetheart mine,
As when, a callow youth and slender,
I asked to be your Valentine.

What though these years of ours be fleeting?
What though the years of youth be flown?
I'll mock old Tempus with repeating,
"I love my love and her alone!"

And when I fall before his reaping,
And when my stuttering speech is dumb,
Think not my love is dead or sleeping,
But that it waits for you to come.

So take, dear love, this little token,
And if there speaks in any line
The sentiment I'd fain have spoken,
Say, will you kiss your Valentine?

A Valentine to My Wife, by Eugene Field - Poetry.com

Wednesday, May 2

I know you told me when you left
I wouldn't have a single thing to fear
But I wonder if you'll still remember me
When you're high up in the atmosphere
And will the thin air up there
Still carry my voice to you?
Like a bottled message on the radio waves
Will it ever get to you?

Cape Canaveral - Astronaut Wife