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Dilbert Pearls Before Swine

Wednesday, August 30


A couple of interesting news I came across today:

Google offers full book downloads
This could be really, really, REALLY cool. The Origin of Species, Principia Mathematica, the list goes on ...

Microsoft released first Beta of XNA Game Studio Express
If you've been waiting for that ultimate Digger for Xbox 360, now you can make your own!

Tuesday, August 29

Album Review: Black Holes and Revelations - MUSE

Music ****
Sound **

So far it's my find of the year. Never thought I'd like this kind of music ...

Basically it's a combination of heavy distorted guitars with synths. But that's not what makes this album so interesting, it's the myryad of musical influences these guys have taken in. This, mixed with groovin' rhythm, makes this album a keeper, practically every track has something to offer.

It starts out with typical songs: Take a Bow's tension just builds and builds and builds (careful with the volume control here!), through Starlight, and culminating in the very catchy Super Massive Blackhole with its falsetto voice. Map of the Problematique reminds me of Robert Miles.

Then it just explodes:

Listen to Soldier's Poem (60's oldies), Assassin (trash metal), City of Delusion (spanish guitar), and Hoodoo (starts out with flamenco then builds with classical piano),

The sound is damn compressed though ...

Amazon link
MUSE website

Friday, August 25

Album Review: Under The Iron Sea - Keane

Music **
Sound ***

I wanted to like Keane, ya know, with him playing the keyboard and everything. But I just couldn't warm up to this album.

Simply put, it sounds flat, with more or less the same rhythm feel for the whole album (typical for a drummer-less band). I guess Keane would make good singles, but as far as album goes, they're just too monotonic.

It's not bad, but neither does it inspire.

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