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Monday, December 11

Condoms 'too big' for Indian men

"A survey of more than 1,000 men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men.


The conclusion of all this scientific endeavour is that about 60% of Indian men have penises which are between three and five centimetres shorter than international standards used in condom manufacture.

Talk about myth debunking

Full story from BBC

Friday, December 8

Windows Vista ReadyBoost

Gotta give it to them ... this is a really cool feature!

Allchin's blog

Greenpace Greener Electronic Ranking


Look at who finished last!

Wednesday, December 6

The Blues

Within the subatomic structure of American musical styles, the blues is the single indivisible particle with which all else is made. The blues combined with other influencing elements (eg. ethnic, religious, regional, cultural) form Country Western, Bluegrass, Rock Roll, Rhythm Blues, Soul, Funk, Gospel and, yes, finally Jazz. It can be argued that the blues as expressed through Jazz is as much the pinnacle of artistic expression as Beethoven had reasoned Opera was.

- C. Michael Bailey -

from All About Jazz

Monday, December 4

YM Display Image

Why do people like to put their kid's photo as their Yahoo Messenger display image?

For show off?

Isn't it dangerous? Like now strangers know what your kid looks like.

But I don't even want strangers to know what I look like, nevermind my family members.

Friendster comes to mind too.