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Ikatan Cendikiawan Patah Hati

One for All... All for One!

Dilbert Pearls Before Swine

Thursday, June 30

Is There Intelligent Life Form Out There?

Not if they act like humans, there won't be. That is to say they raze their
forests, dump million of tons of greenhouse gases to their atmosphere every
day, kill other species for fun, and even kill their own species that has
different beliefs. All in the name of wealth and power.

They'd be extinct before they can get anywhere near advanced enough for
inter-stellar travel.

So will we.

Monday, June 27


Kemaren si doi pake clana ketat banget, membalut tubuh gitu, terus pas dia jalan di depan gw, i just realized that she was wearing underwear yang model T-Junction, slurrrrrrrrrrrrp.

US Grand Prix Fiasco

Friday, June 24

Roti Cane atau Prata?

Roti Canee apakah Prata?
Looks similar to me, thou.

Cosmos 1

The Cosmos 1 launch has failed :( Was really looking forward to how it would perform.

Tuesday, June 14

job that sucks

so you think your job stinks, eh? :)

check out this one ...

memunguti bola golf... menggunakan baju a'la kevlar swat team alias a'la mushashi... berhelm full-face...

i bet if you have a problem of having a son which reluctant to learn golf, you can just say to your son

"hit that moving man with the helmet, and i'll give you 50000 for each hit.."

problem solved... *nyengir*

Monday, June 13

Joke of the Week

Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his Austrian accent:

"I am making a new movie about famous composers. Sylvester Stallone will play Beethoven, Bruce Willis will play Mozart, and I will be Bach."

Get it? I will be Bach? :D

Test Posting Dari Email

Lumayan nih, gak perlu login :)

How do I post via email?

Sunday, June 12

Happy BDay, dear!

My dear wife, I feel so terrible this morning.
I'm sorry I couldnt celebrate your birthday today. I hope you forgive me. I have to finnish what I have started here.
No b'day presents, no baloon, or choclate I could give. But I'll send you flowers thru your dreams, wrapped with sweet and tender love. I hope you'll like it.

I'll be home soon.

Friday, June 10

When I say it's over, it's over

Weekend, here I come. Another lonely weekend.
Bete gue kalo udah dateng weekend, udah dua weekend gue gak dapet kencan, gak ada yang dikerjain juga di kantor. Weekend kemaren, gue cuman tidur seharian, nonton teve, mandi aja baru hari minggunya. Hari ini, gue paksain dateng ke kantor. Kata Odek, mendingan gue upgrade ilmu, daripada upgrade koleksi wanita hehe.
Kemaren gue coba ajak Si Pinay nge-date, katanya udah adah keburu diajak temennya jalan. Weekend kemarennya juga. So, when I told her that the last date could be our last date, it was really a last date, I guess.

good advice

at least for schapelle corby... :)

Tuesday, June 7

pentingnya backup

The retail finance division of Citigroup has admitted that a backup tape containing personal information on almost 4 million customers has gone missing. The United Parcel Service lost the tape on May 2nd, and it hasn't been seen since. CitiFinancial only noticed the tape was missing on May 20. The tape contains Social Security numbers and transaction histories on both open and closed accounts at the bank’s lending branches.

Citigroup says it has no reason to believe the tape has been stolen, but alarmingly, the tape hasn't shown up at any UPS depot despite six weeks of searching.

The company admitted that it doesn't use encryption on its electronic transmissions, nor explained why it took so long to notify the public.

yaitu untuk dihilangkan..(hehe.. sorry for the cynic) :D

How To Combat Phishing

Here's an idea from Cringely:

The simple way to kill phishing is by making it harder for the phisher to make money from it. Right now, a phisher sends out a million e-mails and gets back 100 replies that yield positive data. There is almost no effort involved in sending out the e-mails after the first one, and the quality of the return data is very high. No wonder this is such a popular business!

Let's change that. If you get phishing e-mail, go the web sites and enter false data. Make up everything -- name, sign-on name, password, credit card numbers, everything. Instead of one million messages yielding 100 good replies, now the phisher will have one million messages yielding 100,000 replies of which 100 are good, but WHICH 100?


Are you in?

Monday, June 6

Moto di jagakarsa

Sample Foto EOS 10D

Joke of the Week

Heard this one on Jay Leno's last night.

"The new Star Wars movie Revenge of The Sith raked up $160 million in 1 week ... Now imagine had they brought girlfriends, it would've been double that!"

Sunday, June 5

3rd Manila Jazz Festival

3rd Manila Jazz Festival

Sorry dude, kameranya jelek. Gambarnya gak begitu jelas, padahal banyak wanita-wanita cantik, salah satunya Amanda Griffin

one of those Phillipines Top Models. Mau ambil gambarnya gak berani euy, ada "body guardnya" sangar amat mas :D

Friday, June 3

too much expectation

prevoiusly, i use to check the availibility of the net by opening slashdot. after google exist, i check using google..

but nowadays...

penyakit setelah IPO? (IPO = money oriented company?)

with the ever-growing concern over google, i'm waiting for the time of google starts to become just another evil-knievel money thirst company..

Wednesday, June 1

football ode

temen saya pergi ke inggris

temen saya nonton manchester united main

temen saya seneng banget

temen saya mampir ke toko resmi man-utd

temen saya beli topi

temen saya bangga

temen saya trus pulang ke jakarta

temen saya make terus itu topi

sampe sekali waktu temen saya liat dalemnya

ternyata tulisannya

'made in indonesia'

akhirnya temen saya nggak pake topi lagi

Nih Nandipinto Koq Gak Ngasih Judul Sih

My Little Angels