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Ikatan Cendikiawan Patah Hati

One for All... All for One!

Dilbert Pearls Before Swine

Friday, October 27

New Browsers!

Download 'em here:
Warning: IE7 installation requires Windows Genuine Advantage.

Thursday, October 12

Gmail & Adsense

Is it just me or are those advertisement on the right hand side of Gmail getting bigger?

Sunday, October 8

Food for Thought on Music Writing

"Millions of words have been written on the subject, but the simple truth is this: The difference between popular music that succeeds and popular music that doesn't has nothing to do with length or complexity or the number of chords. It has nothing to do with the distinctions between 12-bar blues and sonata-allegro form, and it has nothing to do with instrumentation, singing technique, or the way the performer dresses, wears his hair, or behaves toward his fans or their parents. The real difference is this: For popular music to succeed, a sizable chunk of the audience absolutely must hear themselves in the lyric."

- Art Dudley -

Tuesday, October 3


Why is it impolite to ask women their age? Is it because they're ashamed of it?